Montenegrin Tradition

When journeying around Montenegro and visiting museums, houses, shops and national restaurants you would come across an instrument hanging proudly on the central wall. The instrument is called Gusle the name originates from the old Slavic word “gosl” for fiber and the word is associated with the low resonating sound the instrument makes when playing.
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Montenegro is a country full of natural and cultural diversity and this is shown in the traditional way of preparing food. Moving from region to region you will have a splendid gastronomical journey! From the Mediterranean cuisine of the coastal region to the cuisine of the flatlands around Skadar Lake to the nutritious mountain food....
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As it is the tradition around the world, when the New Year comes near the towns start to get their decorations. It is always a competition between towns to look more beautiful. And at the end of the year there is an award to receive. We will present you some of the most beautiful.
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The holiday season is upon us, and as it draws near so does the New Year spirit, and we start making plans to celebrate this wonderful period of family, love and friends. In Montenegro, people have different traditions for this period, regarding different holidays. We will present some of them. ☺
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One of the key features about Montenegro is the local gastronomy. Nearly all products in Montenegro are organic, and the tastes of the specialties are truly distinctive. The main reason for this is the diversity of cultures that call this region their home, and this cultural mix is best presented in the food! Montenegro is...
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