Wer im Urlaub fantastische Landschaften erleben und nicht auf die Herzlichkeit der Menschen hier im Land verzichten will, wird die Rundreise mit Nomad Tours lieben! Wir haben dieses Mal mit unserer Familie die „Nomad Classic 3-day Southern Tour“ gebucht. Sie verläuft entlang der Südküste von Montenegro. Wir erlebten Historisch alte Städte, die von unserem Reiseführer „Sinisa“ sehr lebendig und faszinieren erklärt wurde.
Es begann schon mit dem sehr freundlichen Empfang. Es gab einfach gar nichts was Man bemängeln oder auszusetzen hatte! Die Tour begann in Podgorica mit ihren historischen und alten Geschichten von Ihrer Gründung. Von Ruinen sowie der attraktiven der am Abend der Bär stept. Ob Bummel und an Ständen /Markt etwas shoppen oder einfach nur lecker Essen gehen oder ein Eis genießen oder einfach nur im Straßencafé sitzen und etwas trinken und dabei das lebhafte Leben in dieser Atmosphäre beobachten. Es war einfach nur schön und wir hätten es vermutlich nicht erlebt, wenn uns dies nicht unser Guide gezeigt hätte! Der Skadar See ist atemberaubend und Sinisa hat uns bei einer Bootstour gezeigt wo die Grenze zwischen Montenegro und Albanien ist und uns den wunderbaren und riesigen See mit seinen vielen Tierarten wie z.B. Pelikane, Fische oder auch die wunderschönen und vielen Wasserpflanzen wie z.B. die Seerosen nahe gebracht. Sagte ich es gab bei dieser Reise nichts auszusetzen? Hmmm….falsch! Das Essen insbesondere die einheimischen Spezialitäten sind sooo lecker dass ich in den 3 Tagen 1 Kilo zugenommen hatte obwohl wir den ganzen Tag auf Tour waren… Auf dem Weg nach Budva machten wir noch einen Zwischenstop in Sveti Stefan. Die kleine Stadt auf einer Insel kurz vor Budva die viele Prominent zu seinen Gästen zählen durfte… Im Anschluss kamen wir nach Budva, die uns immer wieder begeistert. Die idyllische Altstadt mit seinem herrlichen Hafen mit seinen Kneipen, Pubs und hervorragenden Restaurant wo Man den Urlaub einfach nur genießen kann…Aber es gibt auch Museen und andere Herrlichkeiten zu bewundern wie z.B. die Stadtmauern, die Citadelle oder mehrere Klöster.. Zum Schlus konnten wir noch die Bucht von Kotor (Boka Bay) genießen von auch von den Bergen auf die grandiose Gegend herabschauen. Ich kann diese Tour nur jedem empfehlen, der etwas erleben und die Tradition und gastfreundlichen Menschen kennenlernen will und mich noch einmal herzlich bei Nomad Tour und unserem Guide Sinisa bedanken! Klasse organisiert und dank der kleinen Gruppe, war es auch niemals eine Massenabfertigung oder ein schnelles Durchschleußen… Echt klasse! Immer wieder… Bis zum nächsten Mal…

Hans L.

I had an amazing journey through Montenegro with Pavle. He make sure to share all the best of his country with you and you can feel his passion. It‘s well work inquiring about optional/ additional activities upfront – they will make sure to meet your wishes.
You can expect full days, packed with sights, information and things you would not be able to do on your own (like the winery tour). For me personally, I could have wished for some more physical activities. Again, a perfect outdoor day in Zabljak was arranged for me and when we asked to walk instead of driving, our wish was fulfilled. Nomad is a very young company and still continuously improving and hence eager for feedback. I have enjoyed this a lot – it did not for one moment feel like a fully commercialized tour but more like traveling with friends.


Fun, friendly and knowledgable guides. Amazing locations. Local experiences. What more could you want!
My guide Pavle helped me understand Montenegro like a local, and was a great person to explore with. It felt like we were traveling as friends together, rather than just in a tour group!


We loved our tour of Montenegro with Pavle from Nomad! We felt like we were travelling with friends rather than a tour guide! Its great discovering new countries with a tour guide who is easy going , informative, passionate and has such a fun & positive vibe! Nomad are flexible and easily accomodate your preferred activity options.
We loved our rafting, zip line, hiking, nature and mountain bike adventures. All the other providers (rafting/bikes/ accomodation/food etc) are also amazing! The scenery is stunning and Nomad know all the beautiful places to show visitors! We highly recommend this or any tour with Nomad Montenegro, they are very friendly and go above and beyond for their guests! They also have a great local ethos and are doing great things!


Amazing experience, would definitely recommend.

Wendy Coccione
United Kingdom

I highly recommend Nomad Tours Montenegro. They promised me a “perfect balance between exploration, exhilaration and relaxation” on my 7-day Classic Tour and they delivered! As a matter of fact, they exceeded my expectations! Small group, BIG adventures is spot on!
We did it all! Hiking to fortresses, strolling around beautiful glacier lakes, visiting a 2000+ year old olive tree, tasting wine with VIP treatment in a mind-blowing family-owned winery, eating the delicious local cuisine, driving panoramic routes through enchanted forests and fields of wildflowers, experiencing the unique ambience and spiritual power of the many monasteries scattered throughout the country, getting an adrenaline rush ziplining over the deepest canyon in Europe, crossing over Tara bridge (one of the 20 most beautiful bridges in the world), exploring underground and underwater caves, sailing the breathtaking Boka Bay, speed boating to Kotor Bay (one of the most beautiful bays in the world), ambling through the coastal town of Kotor, and soaring like a bird while paragliding over Budva.
I have been on many organized tours and this was definitely one of my favorites for many reasons: 1) Ease of booking, preparation, and great communication. I booked at the last minute, but they were still able to accommodate me and get me all of the detailed information I needed to ensure I had a great trip. 2) Their itineraries offer a wide range of options for all ages. It is also accommodating based on weather as well as your interests, energy level and mood. 3) They will take you off the beaten track to the hidden jewels and get you embedded in the culture by meeting the locals and eating the delicious national cuisine. (Not all tour operators do this and let’s face it, that is usually WHY we travel to other countries.) 4) Excursions, restaurants, wineries, routes and hotels are carefully researched (watchdogged) and handpicked to ensure they offer top-notch service and keep you away from the crowds. You will experience comfort, cleanliness, and safety along with friendly staffs, great locations and wonderful, fresh meals. 5) Unlike many other tours where you start the day off extremely early and spend 10-12 hours in the car to get to an attraction our days started at 0900 and usually ended around 1700 or 1800. We never spent more than 3 hours in the car and everyday was full of fun and adventure! 6) The staff!! Kudos to Palve, the executive manager and my guide! Not only is he a wealth of information and can tell you anything you want to know about Montenegro (culture, history, religions, politics, demographics, weather…anything) he will make you feel like family and that you are a Montenegrin. Funny, well-connected, smart, professional, caring, helpful (always helping me up and down steep steps and carrying my luggage), a skilled/patient driver (I never felt stressed in the car like I have on other tours), flexible, and friendly. You really can’t ask for more in a guide. Also, a shout out to the CEO, Sinisa, who even came to great me a couple of times when I was in Podgorica!! What a team!
It is no wonder Montenegro has become one of the TOP Tourist destinations in the last couple of years. This tiny little country offers it all! A dark blue sea with beautiful beaches, intriguing islets, and turquoise coves. Majestic mountains with crystal clear rivers, deep canyons, huge freshwater lakes, and colorful valleys. It’s breathtaking wild beauty will surely steal your heart like it did mine. To get the full experience with zero stress, book with Nomad Tours today and you can thank me later!

United States

Excellent tour. Guide was full of knowledge and very personable. He put a lot of effort into the tour to make sure we got the best out of it. Only thing I would say is that lunch times where not placed well. We did so much during the days, that we weren’t eating til 4pm. But other than that, would highly recommend this trip.

United Kingdom

Quite frankly, Nomad Tours is the best option to know Montenegro entirely. Savvy tour guides with information not only historical but fun facts. They know both owners and managers of the best restaurants, hotels and everything you need to have the best time in Montenegro. They can adapt to your needs, thus it does not matter if you are there for work or leisure, if you are alone or your your family or your partner, if you want to be in the beach or in the mountains. They will make your trip one if the best experience ms you could have..

Nicolas Castro
United States

We had great time exploring Montenegro’s best attractions at premier tour. I fully enjoyed all the time we spent in Nomad Tour. I would like to recommend this tour to all adventure seekers.


Such a great guide organisation with so much joyful experiences to offer… I had an unique opportunity to enjoy horse riding tour with excellent Nomad team, which were very dedicated, kind, polite and professional. A lot of information presented in humorous way made our day fantastic. They also organise great 7-day tours, which offer the best opportunity to explore Montenegro from coast to mountains doing things you like the most: walking, sightseeing, hiking, biking, horse riding, sailing, etc… Don’t miss a single day to booking your ticket to explore Montenegro!!!!!


We spent a day riding horses and we had most wonderful time. The group was fun-loving, pleasant and it all contributed to my feeling that I had known them my whole life. Also, I may add that you will get to know Montenegro in the best possible way with them.


This was an unbelievable experience, which simply left me speechless. Getting all this in just 3 days is unbelievable.
Day 1
It was magical, to see the canyon of the river Moraca, to eat the national dish kacamak in Kolasin and this in company with splendid and easy-going people was great. Taking a boat on the Biograd Lake and then taking a zip line drive alongside the Djurdjevica Tara Bridge that is 170 m , above the river was something breath-taking!
Day 2
For me the biggest impression left the guided canyon expedition trough the Nevidio Canyon. This place is magical full of extreme diversity. From beginning to the end it is an adrenaline ride. You have lots of jumps, climbing and swimming during the passage! It is a must try when visiting Montenegro with Nomad Tours!
Day 3
Another incredible experience. Rafting on the Tara River! Way more to say? The river by itself is splendid, it is a beautiful mix of wilderness, fast water, adrenaline and wonderful nature, an adventure that lasts for the lifetime! And the end I would like to give special thanks to the splendid, kind and above all professional people who organised all this. I am proud and happy to have been part of this fantastic family! We will see each other again on some of your tours !


This was one of the best tour I have experienced. In one day you have possibilities to enjoy sea and mountains, to associate with great and pleasant people, to learn about Montenegro, and maybe if you are up for it do some extreme sports :)…If in one day this people can justify your trust and expectations, being with them for whole week, or even more would be seriously among everything the best choice anyone can make 🙂 ❤


Extraordinary and memorable experience, with proffesional, kind and funny crew; for those who want to discover Montenegro in all its glory, while enjoying outstanding landscapes, autenthic homemade food, outdoor activities, real adventure…Seven days of true hedonism!


TI was on first tour and I have great impressions about everything. Montenegro is wonderful country, some places make you feel like you are living fairytale.
Friendly and hospitable people will follow you during all tour.
National cuisine is great, you can try the combination of foods (I thought it was impossible to combine for example watermelon and cheese, melon and prosciutto…).
Everything was a great experience for me but nothing would be the same without Pavle (guide). He is not a typical guide that gives you information, he is a friend and a person who will make you fell like Montenegro is your home.


Today we visited a cave, the transportation that the agency uses is very comfortable and the group that I traveled with was full of positive energy and laughter! Our Guide was realy1 innovative in the way of presenting the history and geography of the region. We came to a viewpoint where we spotted an eagle pursuing his prey. This is something you don’t see every day.
The view and nature were splendid! The journey to the cave is an adventure by itself, the agency uses a little train on wheels to get you there. And this gives everything special charm. Entering the cave is something special, you can feel the cold air rushing out of the cave, but once you step inside every notion of coldness is pushed back by the breathtaking beauty of the cave, the power of nature to shape the inside of the earth! The cave is full of these beautiful shapes that are artistically lit!
After finishing the guided exploration of the cave we went to the ethno village Njegusi were we had lunch consisting of traditional meals. The meal was excellent if fulfilled all our expectations, all sorts of food was on the table to try but the ones that stood out are the cheese and prosciutto, a recommendation for everyone!
Finishing the lunch, we made our way to Kotor, it feels incredible that in only 45 min you get form the mountain to the sea. When we arrived at Kotor we noticed that the town was beautiful, we made the city tour but we were surprised that the agency took us to a special medieval museum that brought us back in time to relive the history of this old town. We had the opportunity to test our archery skill and craft our own coin! We even climbed on top of the fortifications and from there we had a fantastic view at the Old town and bay.
At the end of the day we vent to Tivat where in our Hotel we had a well-deserved rest  The next day we had a sailing boat cruise around the bay. I was completely stunned by the beauty of it! As we sailed we came across fantastic scenery consisting of old houses, churches and nature. On the bout the atmosphere was great, the skipper was super friendly and knowledgeable about everything! We made a tour around the fantastic Our Lady of the Rock island where our guide told us the story of this amazing artificial island that was made so a church could be built. I was delighted by the beauty and richness of the small town of Perast.
Having left the island, we made our way to the open sea and the Blue Cave. On the way we passed by some old fortresses that guarded the entrance to the Bay. When we came to the Blue Cave we went swimming in the deep blue waters, that are created by the combination of sunrays hitting the sea! For the end of the day we sailed to the little fishing village Rose were our mini coach waited for us to take us back to our Hotel. All of this was a phenomenal experience a day full with good energy and fun!

Željko P

I would describe this tour as tour of great spirit, beautiful nature and only positive vibes. Nomad promo tour was so much fun with funny people and non stop laugh. We took off from Podgorica and made a circle around Cetinje, Skadar lake, Old town Bar, Lovcen mountain and Boka Bay.
We took a boat tour around Skadar lake and it was great. Maybe 30 minutes ride to beautiful beach, where we had lunch and couple of beers. Sightsee was amazing, you can see so many bird species. Mountains around the lake make it look gorgeous.
I enjoyed Old town Kotor as well, where we were able to make a little competition with bow and arrow. I enjoyed that part the most because I won I guess 😀
To wrap all up, amazing time with excellent tourguides who answered all questions of ours, having delicious food at traditional restaurants and great activities every day.


I took part on the promotional Nomad Montenegro Tour, and I had a great time. My favorite part was paragliding in Budva.


We have enjoyed the beauties of Montenegro all 7 days, it was fun and my favourite part was Boka Bay and Black Lake. I highly recommend Nomad group 🙂