Old Caravan Road By The Old Town Of Kotor

When coming to the old town of Kotor and looking at the splendid city walls and fortifications you would notice right of the town on the mountain some zigzag lines. The lines present the old historical caravan road. Once this was the only connection between Boka Bay and Montenegro. The only way for merchandise, people and culture to come through and combine. This is the road where the Montenegrins bravely carried on hands their famous ruler Petar II Petrović Njegoš all the way to Njeguši and Cetinje on his last days when illness was taking him but also later on they took his successors body to be buried in Cetinje.

Today it is a beloved hiking trail that takes you to see the most beautiful view on the old town of Kotor and the Kotor Bay. To go all the way to the top it takes you some 3 hours and you would pass some 7km.

The road was formed on the remains of an old Roman caravan route. The beginning is near the northern city gate, near the Škurda. This area is called Tabačina, and here in in the 18th and 19th centuries was a market. Here the people of Montenegro, often on their own backs, brought their products to be sold for money or exchanged for the missing supplies that couldn’t be grown or made in the hasher northern climate.

As you can guess by looking at it from the city the road consists of a large number of serpentines. In some places, the stone deteriorated, but the road is still in relatively good condition. As you start the hike you would pass by the Via Ferrata that is one of the new attractions of the Old Town, then by the abandoned village of Špiljari and after some two hours you come to a flattened part that is known as Praćište that was used as a midpoint and resting place before returning to their homes. The plateau is at an altitude of 600m that offers a breath-taking panorama on the Bay.

Soon after you would reach a dense forest and hear the rushing of water that is made by the Škurda River. All around you can be seen memories of the old times as you pass by old bridges and segments of old guarding houses. And after coming out of the forest you are faced with the final part that leads you to plateau Krstac and the Zip Line that offers you the possibility to zip above the trails that you hiked before.