One of the key features about Montenegro is the local gastronomy. Nearly all products in Montenegro are organic, and the tastes of the specialties are truly distinctive. The main reason for this is the diversity of cultures that call this region their home, and this cultural mix is best presented in the food! Montenegro is proud about its title of Eco state. So, all the farmers who produce the veggies and also meat, do so without using any genetically modified products. When visiting all the households you can just enter the garden and pick some veggies or fruits and eat it on the spot!

When it comes down to the food, every region has its own specialties. For example, in the northern part most of the food is strong, rich in nutrition and good old fat! Most famous foods from this region are: “kacamak” and “cicvara”, which is remarkably complete with home-made sour cream, and different kinds of meat prepared “ispod sača”. A method of roasting the meat under the bell – usually clay bell. You put the meat in a large pan and cover with the bell, then you roast on embers (small wood or coal pieces that remain after the fire stops burning).


In the central part, the gastronomy is mostly based on products that come from the lakes or rivers, but also the flatland that this region is famous for! So here you will have the opportunity to try river and lake fish dishes such as: grilled trout or “Krap”. Krap (carp) is mostly prepared with dried plums, apple and quince, or you can try a different variety of Krap with fried onions or eel. But when you come to the Lovcen area, the most famous products are Njeguski prosciutto and cheese.

And when you come to the coastal area, the Mediterranean style of cooking is prominent, where an emphasis on a healthy, light diet with delicious freshly caught fish and seafood, with lots of extra virgin olive oil is waiting for you. Here is your chance to try sea food. Fresh fish prepared on “gradele”- grill, with lots of olive oil and herbs and spices Be sure to also try delicious fish soup.


Montenegro is not only rich with food. The whole country is famous by the local wines and schnapps. Wine has an old and long tradition, and thanks to excellent soil conditions climate, wine growing and viticulture are very successful at the seaside as well as in the inland. So you have the opportunity to try different wines from small family wineries. Most of the households have their own wine production and cellar. The most famous wine is Vranac, red wine that gives vigor and long vitality.