Our Mission

How intense are the walks and activities on the Nomad tour?

The Nomad Tours are activity/participation based tours and are suitable for active people with at least a moderate level of fitness. Hikes on a Nomad tour can last up to 2.5 hours on uneven ground. Kayaking lasts for 2.5-3 hours on the sea or lake. Rafting is by far the most action-packed activity and it lasts about 3 hours.

Are there se itineraries?

The scheduled tours do have set itineraries, but they are flexible when it comes to daily activities (the overnights are set in stone). We aim to make the whole experience as unhurried and relaxed as possible and we often change things whilst on tour just to suit a particular group – or the weather. Please note that this flexibility means that some items on the itinerary may not be included on your tour, so if there is something you really don’t want to miss then please tell us in the pre tour survey and also please tell your guide.

Are the days of departure set?

Yes, we do have set departure days – all of our tours depart from Podgorica.

Are the departure dates guaranteed?

Yes. Once we have two people booked on a tour, then it is guaranteed departure, that’s a promise. We are very aware that our customers have organized time off work, flights to Montenegro, Podgorica hotels, etc. around our tours and so we always run the tours once people are booked on.

What are the minimum and maximum group sizes of the tours?

The minimum number for our tours is two people. The maximum group size is 12.

What I must have when coming on tour?

1. Suitcase – because our groups are small, our vehicles are small – with limited luggage capacity. To be fair to everyone, please only bring one suitcase per person, no bigger than 30” (75cm) along its longest side. Alternatively, one large suitcase between two persons.
2. Passport – Check that it is in date.
3. Printed out E-ticket.

How To Come To Montenegro

Where do our tours start?

Our tours start from Podgorica the capital of Montenegro. While our one day tours start from your hotel.

When do the tours start?

The starting point is CentreVille Hotel & Experiences – Cetinjska 7 The Capital Plaza at 9 o’clock AM. From the 15th of April to the 15th of November.

When should I arrive in Podgorica?

We would advise you to come one day before and stay one more day after the tour so you are not rushed. If you need help for booking a hotel in Podgorica we are happy to help you. Just contact us

Do you organise airport transfers?

Yes we do! We have three arrival points:
1. Podgorica airport – transfer to the hotel is GRATIS
2. Tivat airport – return transfer is 30€ Per person
3. Dubrovnik airport – return transfer is 50€ Per person

How far away are the airport points?

Podgorica airport is 15 min by car from the city center.
Tivat airport is 1.30h by car from Podgorica.
Dubrovnik airport is 3h by car from Podgorica.

Can you book airplane tickets for us?

Yes! We can book plane tickets for you. If you need any assistance, please contact us by mail info@nomadtours.me

Price & What’s Included


The price of the tour is set and clearly shown on the tour page

What is included in the price?

The price includes your accommodation, breakfasts, dinners and some of the major entrance fees. Activity options tend to be weather dependent so we find it works better not to include them. Other meals you simply pay for at the time. Lunches tend to be a mixture of picnics and restaurant lunches. Dinners are included at the accommodation points. It is easily possible to eat well for €10 – 15 Per person per day.

Are the prices of the tour set or do they change depending on the time of year?

Our tour prices are set from April – November. There is 10% off our tours during April & November.

What optional activities are available?

Each tour is packed with great scenery, local culture, gastronomy and loads of fun and good humor. We stay away from the popular sites and head more into the wild and less explored parts of Montenegro. For a full list of optional activities click here to see the detailed itinerary.

Are the tours suitable for solo travellers? Is there a single supplement?

We get a lot of passengers on the tour who are travelling solo, it’s a great, worry-free way to see the country and meet other people. Regarding rooms, the regular price is based on two sharing, with a single supplement for single rooms. We keep the single supplement as low as possible, but we do have to charge it because single occupancy rooms are more expensive per person.

Is Montenegro a safe place to travel, particularly for solo passengers?

Montenegro is a safe place to travel on your own, as safe as anywhere else in Europe. We have lots of people who travel here on their own who have had no problems travelling solo. However, travellers should exercise sound personal safety practices to minimize their chance of becoming a victim.

Is a VISA required when travelling to Montenegro?

People from certain countries need a valid Montenegrin entry visa before arriving in the State, whether by air, sea or land. The list of countries whose citizens do not require a visa to enter Montenegro is defined in the Immigration Act. If in doubt as to VISA requirements, please contact the Montenegrin VISA Office https://www.visit-montenegro.com/tourism/visas-and-montenegro-embassy/ or contact the Montenegrin embassy or consulate in your home country.

Are any vaccinations required when travelling to Montenegro?

No special immunizations or medications are generally required when travelling to Montenegro but if you have any medical conditions, we strongly advise that you check your individual circumstances with your GP/ medical professional beforehand if in doubt.

Do passengers have much free time on the tours?

In the true spirit of Montenegrin people and our hard working way of life we like to keep our tours as unhurried and relaxed as possible, with flexibility and also free time built in to the itineraries.


What types of rooms are available / Are triple or family rooms available?

All of our accommodation providers offer a choice of room types including singles (one bed), twins (two beds) and doubles (one bed). Triple rooms (usually one double and one single bed) can sometimes be accommodated but are generally suitable only for families.

What types of accommodations are used?

For accommodations we normally use a mixture of B&B’s, small hotels and lodges. We also use highly rated ethno villages. Each place is different and adds its own flavor to the tours, we have put a lot of work into finding just the right places and everyone seems really happy with the results. You can find out more information on our accommodation suppliers here.

Do all the accommodations have hair dryers in the room?

All the overnight accommodations do provide hairdryers, some of them have even a clothing iron if you really have the will to do it.

Do the overnight accommodations have air conditioning?

Yes, they do. In the north so you can stay warm and in the south so you can keep the beer cool.

Do all the overnight accommodations have separate bathrooms?

Yes, all of the rooms have their own separate, ensuite bathrooms.


Are passengers assigned a seat in the vehicle or can they move around each day?

Seating on the vehicles is not assigned and passengers are encouraged to move around each day if they wish. We think that it’s only fair that everyone has their chance to sit in the front of the vehicle.

Is there a toilet on the vehicle?

There are no bathrooms on board the vehicles for the simple reason that we make regular stops along the route where passengers can avail of bathroom facilities.

Is smoking allowed on the vehicles or in the accommodation?

Nomad Tours operates a strict no smoking policy on all of our vehicles as smoking is illegal in all enclosed places of work in Montenegro. This includes office blocks, various buildings, public houses/bars, restaurants and company vehicles (cars and vans). The ban was introduced by the Tobacco Smoking (Prohibition) Regulations However, certain exceptions can be made in relation to accommodations, so smoking rooms can be provided upon request.

Does the luggage travel on the same vehicle as passengers?

Yes, all baggage will travel with passengers in the same vehicle in a luggage compartment or in a securely locked and weather proof trailer.


Who guides the tour?

The base of any good tour is the guide and Nomad tried its best to pick the best from the business. How did we pick them? We looked for the most passionate, talented, and professional guides in Montenegro and as you travel through the country, our team will keep you informed and entertained telling you about the splendid history, historical battles, explain the everyday life of Montenegrin people, and also provide you with an insight into the curious people that the Montenegrins are.

What is the policy as to use of alcohol by the guides and drivers prior to and during the time they are “on duty”?

Our policy on alcohol for drivers and guides is very strict, if any of them were found to be drinking during a tour or turned up for work under the influence of alcohol then it would be instant dismissal. Our drivers and guides are very professional and we have never had a cause to doubt them.

What is the tipping policy in Montenegro?

Tipping is generally expected in Montenegro. Drivers/guides on tour buses are usually tipped at the end of a trip, sometimes with a communal tip collected from all of those on the tour. The amount is up to the individual, and will depend on the length of the tour and the quality of the service. We have heard that the industry standard is about €10 per person, per day.

When is the best time to come to Montenegro?

Anytime between the 15th April and 15th November is a good time to visit Montenegro. The swimming season in Montenegro can sometimes go from May to October, our climate is Mediterranean, so we have long warm summer and a short but not too cold winter, which makes our country a popular destination for either summer or winter holidays.

Currency / Credit Cards / Cash

What currency is required on the tours?

The currency in Montenegro is the Euro. That is the only currency that is always accepted.

How much cash should passengers bring with them? Which credit cards are accepted in Montenegro?

We would advise not bringing too much cash. We usually advise bringing maybe a couple of hundred but there are plenty of ATM’s along the way where you can withdraw cash as you need it in the correct currency. We do advise that you let your bank know you are traveling, so that they expect the payments abroad. You can also exchange other currencies for Euros at the airport or any post office or bank here. Most places do also accept credit cards but there will be a few places that don’t so it’s best to have some cash to hand, just in case. Your guide can let you know in advance what the best payment for each optional activity is. Please note that while Visa and MasterCard are widely accepted here, other cards such as American Express are not.

Paymants & Bookings

What is the booking process?

If you would like to sign up for one of our tours, this can be done in several ways:
1. Online Booking – click here
2. By Telephone – using the numbers from Contact – click here
3. Send us an email or fax – click here

Methods of Payment

1. Visa and MasterCard (5,5% booking fee applies to credit card bookings)
2. Electronic Bank Transfer – details can be supplied
Bookings are confirmed by e-mail, confirmation includes – Reference Number, Helpful Information, Pack and Terms and Conditions. We can also send out copies in the post if required.

How are travel documents sent out?

All Nomad customer correspondence and booking confirmations are sent by email (and confirmations are not required to be printed by passengers).

Is a deposit required and when is the balance due?

We require a deposit of 15% of the tour price to secure the booking with the remaining balance being due 60 days before departure. If there is less than 60 days until departure, then full payment is required.

What is the cancellation policy?

Our cancellation terms and conditions are outlined below, and we are very flexible. If you have to postpone a tour then that’s no problem.
1. If the client wishes to change to an alternative departure date, this must be done with a minimum of 30 days’ notice. One change of date is allowed free of any charge by the Nomad; any subsequent changes will be subject to a €40 administration fee.
Any charges or non-refundable deposits which have been paid to third party suppliers are payable by the client in these circumstances.
Days % Refund
– Deposit Non-Refundable
– Over 60 Days 85%
– 60-31 Days 50%
– Under 30 Days 0%
2. Once the tour has started, no refunds will be made under any circumstances for any unused sectors or sections.
3. If the reason for the client’s cancellation is covered by the client’s insurance policy, the client may be able to make a claim under that policy, this is entirely a matter between the client and their insurer.
4. If the client wishes to change to an alternative departure date, this must be done with a minimum of 30 days’ notice. One change of date is allowed free of any charge by Nomad; any subsequent changes will be subject to a €40 administration fee. Any charges or non-refundable deposits which have been paid to third party suppliers are payable by the client in these circumstances.

Are there any age restrictions on the tours?

We actually get all ages on the tours, although the average is probably 20-65, we also get a lot of people on either side of this range. We normally set a minimum age of around 12 years for our tour, but we do quite often get teenagers on the tours, and they have a great time (as long as they have been consulted on going on the tour it seems). There is plenty to keep them occupied and it can be a real learning experience for them.

Are children allowed in pubs in Montenegro?

Children (anyone under the age of 18) are only allowed in licensed premises if they are with a parent or guardian, but this provision carries certain restrictions. For example, if accompanied by a parent/guardian, the child may remain on the premises between the hours of 10:30am – 9pm (10pm May to September) (unless the license holder feels this is injurious to the child’s health, safety and welfare). Children aged between 15-17 years may remain on the premises after 9pm where they are attending a private function at which a substantial meal is served. All licensed premises must display a sign to this effect in a prominent place at all time and failure to do so can result in a fine.

On Tour

Are passengers responsible for moving their own luggage?

Yes, passengers are required to move their luggage themselves but if they require assistance at any stage there is usually not a problem.

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Do passengers need to bring any formal attire for evenings or is the tour quite casual?

The tours are quite casual so no formal evening wear is required. Jeans and sneakers are fine for most places

Do passengers need to bring any of their own equipment for the optional activities (horse hats etc.)?

All equipment required for the optional activities will be provided by the suppliers.

Are there restroom stops along the way?

Yes, we make regular stops along the route where passengers can avail of bathroom facilities.

If a passenger has special dietary requirements (vegan, gluten intolerance etc.), can they be catered for easily?

Most places in Montenegro now cater for specialized dietary requirements so that should be no problem. All our customers in the past with special dietary requirements have all said how well they were catered for.

Do passengers always eat together in the evenings or can they do their own thing?

That varies from tour to tour depending on what the group wishes to do. Usually the guide will discuss this with the group and should they all want to dine together, group reservations can be made. All the dinners are included in the price.

Is there an option of where to eat each night or do passenger have to eat in the place where they are staying?

Yes, passengers will usually have a choice of places to eat at each overnight stop, except for the Ethno Village Montenegro because of its out of the way location. Dinner is included in the price.

Are there any laundry facilities along the way for the longer tours?

Laundry facilities can be arranged on our tour.

Can I bring my pet animal or service dog on tour with me?

Pets are not allowed on the Nomad tours. If you need to bring a service dog, Nomad Tours must be notified before you book your tour. Nomad Tours may not be able to accommodate this request due to accommodation restrictions and considerations of other passengers.

Contact Queries

Is internet access available on the tours?

Most of the overnight stops now have free Wi-Fi internet available. Some have it in the rooms, in some places it’s just in public areas. There are also lots of stops along the way (pubs, café’s etc.) which also offer Wi-Fi access. So if you have a smartphone type device you can use them there.

How can passengers get in contact with families etc?

Passengers can buy tourist SIM cards witch are available by the network providers in Montenegro. If passengers are bringing a laptop or smart phone, then they can always Skype home when in a wireless internet hotspot.

How can passengers be reached on tour (in case of emergency for example)?

Our office hours are 9am-4pm GMT and we can be contacted on the numbers below. Also Siniša can be contacted at any time on the Emergency Operations number listed in your booking confirmation. In case of emergency we can then contact the guide immediately.


Are there set itineraries?

The scheduled tours do have set itineraries, but they are flexible when it comes to daily activities (the overnights are set in stone). We aim to make the whole experience as unhurried and relaxed as possible and we often change things whilst on tour just to suit a particular group – or the weather etc.

Are the days of departure set?

Yes, we do have set departure days – all of our tours depart from Podgorica.