The Holiday Season Is Upon Us

The holiday season is upon us, and as it draws near so does the New Year spirit, and we start making plans to celebrate this wonderful period of family, love and friends. In Montenegro, people have different traditions for this period, regarding different holidays. We will present some of them. ☺


When visiting any corner of the Balkan peninsula, you will hear the mention of the tradition of a “Slava”.

This is a family holiday where you celebrate the saint protector of your household and there is always a tradition connected with this special day. Every family has its own saint, so Slava is celebrated through the year.

On the day of the Slava, the doors of the house are open for every guest. When you approach your host after the traditional greeting you will be presented with the traditional sweet cooked wheat dish, and a piece of the Slava bread. There is always a great rich feast with traditional meals. The specialty is the Slava bread that contains a hidden golden coin. Good fortune and wealth will follow the one who finds it.

Another special Holiday is Eve and a lot of traditions are associated with this day.

One of the most beautiful is that if you had a fallout with someone, this is the day when you should make things right. Early in the morning before the sun rises, the males from the house go out to the forest to pick an oak tree. Before they cut it down they salute the tree, make a prayer and then pour wine on it. After it is cut, they carry it to the house and prepare it for the night.


A traditional Christmas lunch follows where the family members eat special dishes prepared for that day. In the night guests arrive and the celebration slowly begins with a rich diner and waiting for the Christmas day. Christmas is celebrated alongside family and close friends, or by visiting close relatives. Christmas is a holiday full of laughter and good mood.

This is just a note of how Montenegrins celebrate. To experience the real hospitality, you have to visit Montenegro. So in the spirit of the upcoming holidays we invite you to do so. ☺