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Austro-Hungarian Fortresses around Boka Bay

The Boka bay or the so called southernmost fjord of Europe is a beautiful place where you find theperfect mix of heritage and nature. Great mountains rise all around you while on the shore of the seayou can find small picturesque villages whit old stone houses that seem like time has stopped aroundthem.Exploring the bay […]


Lake And Legends (part I)

One of the most beautiful area of Montenegro is surely the Northern part. Here you can find not just splendid mountains such as Durmitor and Bjelasica but also stunning mountain lakes nicknamed Gorske Oči, or “mountain eyes”. While taking hikes around them or just enjoying your time on their shores you would wonder about their […]



When journeying around Montenegro and visiting museums, houses, shops and national restaurants you would come across an instrument hanging proudly on the central wall. The instrument is called Gusle the name originates from the old Slavic word “gosl” for fiber and the word is associated with the low resonating sound the instrument makes when playing.