Montenegro – “Small Contry Of Great Wines”

Nectar of the Gods…


It’s well known that the main characteristic for Montenegrin people is that they are born hedonists and they especially enjoy good food and good drinks.

You will hear many fascinating stories about how did the first grapevine get here and who planted it… There are stories about Greeks, Romans, Slavs and even that it has been here forever.

But the most important thing we know for sure is that it’s growing here for centuries and it has become the great part of Montenegrin religion, tradition and culture.

Thanks to the extraordinary climate, soil composition, Mediterranean climate with 240 sunny days a year, the nature gave a chance to successfully grow both domestic and world grapevines on Montenegrin beautiful soil.

Winemaking in Montenegro is split into two areas:

  • The valley around Skadar lake and it’s subregions (Podgorica, Crmnica, Rijeka)
  • The coastal part (Budva, Ulcinj, Bar Riviera and the part of Grahovo)

Except the world’s most famous sorts such as Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Merlo, Caberne and many others, we have our native grapevines.

The most famous and the most interesting native grapevines are Vranac and Krstač.

Vranac has almost become our national symbol. It got a name from the black stallion which is a metaphor for a strong, noble horse.

Vranac has an intense red-ruby wine color. It has a fully, distinctive and lightly tannic taste. It’s served at a temperature of 16-18 °C.

In 1991. the group of experts Milan weekly “Il mondo” ranked Vranac among the 100 best red wines in Europe.

When it’s about white wine we have Krstač – dry, white wine. It has bright yellow color with an easy, smooth, distinctive wine varietal aroma. It’s served at a temperature of 10-12 °C.

To show how much people in Montenegro treasure the tradition, except the large productions, we still have homemade and family produced wines which can only be found here.

For the true wine lovers will have a chance to visit wine estates where they can hear about Montenegrin wine and it’s history, visit wine cellars and all of that while enjoying the wine and Montenegrin traditional prosciutto and cheese.

Cheers! 🙂