Montenegro is the country full of beautiful lakes some of the most renowned and famous are the Skadar, Biograd and Black lake.


Skadar lake is the biggest sweet water lake on the Balkan peninsula, it is shared between Montenegro and Albania.
The lake is full of different bird species that take a rest on its waters during the migrating times. The lake itself is also home of a heard of wild horses that can be found while cursing around the lake. But you can do more than just taking a bout tour, you have the opportunity to make a guided ATV tour, kayak tour or explore the religious sights that were founded in the 11th and 12th century.

Going north you will come to the Biograd lake that is hidden behind one of the three last rainforests of Europe. Biograd Lake is of glacial origin and belongs to the group of reservoirs. The lake is filled with water by the Bilogora River and the Bendovac stream, while the outflow is the Jezerštica river. The lake offers a wide selection of different outdoor activities as: hiking, kayaking or fishing.


Following the Tara river and its canyon we will reach the Đurđevića Tara bridge and shortly after we will reach the town of Žabljak and its famous Black lake. It is a glacial lake, located on Mount Durmitor, at an altitude of 1416 m, numerous mountain streams flow into the lake, the most famous being the Mill Creek. The lake consists of two smaller lakes, the Great Lake and the Small Lake that are divided in the summer with a small land bridge.

The area around the Black lake belongs to the Durmitor national park that is the place to be for the outdoorsy people. In the area of the park you can do hiking, riding, climbing on via ferrata paragliding or making a panoramic drive around the Durmitor mountains known as the Durmitor ring.