Podgorica is a place that is still not discovered in full, not only in the city but also around it you have splendid places to visit you just have to know where to find them.


One of the most popular places in early spring to mid-summer are the famous Nijagara Waterfalls of Podgorica. A section of waterfalls that is created by the river Cijevna that flows from the Prokletije mountains and connects to the Morača river. The name Cijevna in the native language means pipe because it creates a narrow canyon that resembles a pipe. The most beautiful waterfalls are created just 7 km before it connects to the Morača river and this spot is a beautiful sight to behold. But you have to plan your visit according to the season, because in the summer this waterfall dries out!

When you make your way to Skadar lake you would often pass by the way leading you to one of the early capital towns of Montnegro. The fortes town of Žabljak Crnojevića. The town found its place on a hill overlooking the Skadar lake and the nearby valley it was chosen both because of the strategic position but also because of the beautiful view. When you take a boat around this part of the lake the antique fortress follows you and completes the panorama of the lake. Sometimes when you are on top the forest you can also see wild horses that roam this area.


And going toward the Old Royal capital Cetinje you can take a small detour from the main highway and go on a narrow curvy road that will take you to the small village of Rijeka Crnojevića. This is one of the most important places in the history of Montenegro. Here from the winter of 1493 to the 4th of January 1494 was printed the first Cyrillic book by the south Slaves known as “Oktoih prvoglasnik” This small picturesque town started to wake up from its slumber thanks to all the touristic routes that come seeking to find an adventure on the River Crnojevići but also to explore on a boat cruise the Skadar lake.