One of the key factors of Montenegro is its nature, 7.7 % of its territory are natural parks. This of course caught the eye of film makers who fell in love with the Wild Beauty. Here is a list of the most famous films filmed in Montenegro.


One of the earliest films filmed in Montenegro was The Trojan Horse (La guerra di Troia 1961).

The filming location was around Podgorica at the Ćemovsko polje. But what was surprising was the reaction of the locals who were interested in acting in the film. At the end of the filming, it was published that the total number of people acting in all the movie scenes was 25 thousand stats and eight thousand horsemen.


Following in the footsteps of the Trojans were Cowboys ☺ 

Most of the filming from the Winnetou films was done around Durmitor and Kotor Bay area In 1964, it was not strange to see cowboys and native Americans riding around the north of Montenegro. The most famous movie of the series being Old Shatterhand (Apaches Last Battle 1964).


And what would be this list without the Vikings ☺ 

The Long Ships, the 1964 movie was partially filmed in Budva, one of the old towns of our coast. Even a beach was named after the actor Richard Widmark, now it is called Richardova Glava. At the finish of the filming, the filming crew left also a present for the town, the Bell that was used in the movie!


Let’s skip from the Vikings to the WWII films.

Of course, the most famous film featuring the splendid Harrison Ford was Force 10 in 1978 from Navarone, where he is presented with the Partizan’s trying to blow the famous Djurdjevica Tara bridge.


It is widely known that the one who discovered the great Brad Pitt was the Yugoslav film director Božidar Bota Nikolić, when he did the casting for the 1988 movie The Dark Side of the Sun. The movie itself was mostly filmed on the Montenegrin coast featuring the most beautiful and widely known locations of Montenegro.


And the world famous spy James Bond was also our guest. Parts of the 2006 Casino Royale were filmed by us. The first case scene was filmed on the beautiful road from the beach Jaz to the town of Budva!


In recent years, even more film directors discover our country started to do film here Not only are movies filmed in Montenegro, but also music videos. Most recent of them is the renowned DJ Alan Walker who has recorded the video for his latest song, Darkside, in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.  He presented different landmarks of the countries and one of the most renowned was Njegoš mausoleum at the peak of the Lovcen mountain. 

As you see, Montenegro captures the imagination of many people, so come and explore and fall in love with Montenegro’s Wild Beauty.