Big dreams happen in small places… Considering that Montenegro is a small country of 13.812 km2 in it you can find considerable natural historical and cultural diversity. Let us introduce you to some of the most interesting facts about Montenegro.


In the national park Biogradska Gora you can find one of the only two virgin forests in Europe.
The area it covers is 5.400 hectares, on the average altitude of 832 to 1.116m.

The bridge on the Mala rijeka (Small river) is the highest railway bridge in Europe, while the bridge on Đurđević Tara is one of the highest on Earth.

Also Tara river Canyon is the deepest in Europe, and second deepest in the world after the Grand Canyon in Colorado. The canyon is 80km long and the biggest depth is 1333m.


The cathedral of St. Tryphon in Kotor is one of the oldest churches in Europe. It was built in the year 1166. It is 69 years older than Notre-Dame de Paris, and from the St. Peter’s Basilica it is 460 years older.

In the Crnojević printing house that was formed by the Medieval ruler of Montenegro Đurađ Crnojević was printed the first book it the Cyrillic alphabet by the south slaves called Oktoih. The printing began 1493 and ended on the 4. January 1494.


One of the oldest pine forests can be found in the natural reservation “Crna Poda” that holds pines that are 50m tall and some of them are more than 450 years old.

Bojana River is the only river in the World that flows both down and upstream because of the soil constitution.