Montenegro The Country Of Outdoor Activity

Montenegro is not just a paradise for nature lovers but also for those who seek a bit more thrill in their life. So what do you get when you combine wonderful nature and adrenaline thrills? An unforgettable land full of extraordinary fun experiences.
Montenegro has it all: high steep mountains, hidden mountain lakes, deep river canyons, a long sandy beach, a beautiful coast. And adrenaline sports to mix in it.


Rafting the Tara canyon is one of the most popular activities in Montenegro. The Tara river forms the second deepest canyon in the World 120m deep, the first being the Grand Canyon. The clear waters of the river earned the nickname tears of Europe.​

Biking in Durmitor National Park, is a must do. The town of Zabljak is the highest settlement in the Balkans. And it is surrounded by breathtaking mountains full of splendid tracks for bike lovers. If you are looking for an early morning drive around the Black lake or you are more for mountain biking, Durmitor will answer your call and offer you what you need.


Kolašin ski center, Bjelasica, be it in the summer or in the winter Bjelasica has something to offer. If you like skiing, then coming to Kolasin is a must do. A nice track and a lot of guesthouses make it a beloved ski center in Montenegro. And when the snow is gone it leaves behind splendid grass valleys just made for hiking and bike riding excursions. And close to the Bjelasica is the beautiful Biogradsko lake where you will have the opportunity to explore one the last of the antique rainforests of Europe.

Canyoning in Montenegro is done in the breathtaking Nevidio Canyon close to the town of Niksic. This is the only canyon open for exploration in Montenegro. But to enter it you will need to be accompanied by experienced guides. Don’t let the beauty of the place fools you, it is still a very dangerous place, and because of this it offers an adrenaline rush that you will rarely find.


Zip-line country. You may think this is a joke but it is not. Zip lines are popular among the tourists who come to visit Montenegro. We have big Zip lines in Njegusi above the city of Kotor, across the river Tara and the lake Piva, and smaller ones are in the adventure parks.

Paragliding for the brave of heart is also an option. We have multiple points were you can leave the earth behind and fly through the beautiful blue sky. Starting points can be close to the seashore or high in the mountain peaks. It is only a question of your preference.


And for the childhood cowboys and girl there is also something. Montenegro has wonderful trails for horseback riding lovers. Be it forest trails, flower valley trails or sunset on the beach trail, we have it. All the time you will be accompanied by experienced guides who will, on the way, tell you stories about the region, the local legends and myths.

As you can see Montenegro is not just a country full of history, beautiful nature and cultural landmarks but it also offers huge amounts of outdoor experiences just waiting for you, so come visit us and have an adventure of your life.​