When you are looking at those beautiful pictures and videos of our country and tour, you just want to jump right in and explore. But, then a question emerges: “where is Montenegro”?

It can be sometimes confusing, this Balkan peninsula of ours, with so many splendid countries close to each other. Do not worry, Montenegro is quite easy to find and we are happy to offer a helping hand in arranging your flights and transfers when you are coming on our tour!

As you look on the map, we are “squeezed” between Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and the Mediterranean Sea, which in turn offers us a great network of international airport coverage. If you don’t have a direct flight to Podgorica or Tivat airports, there is always the option of Dubrovnik (Ćilipi – Croatia) or Tirana (Maria Theresa – Albania) airports.

To make all this much easier for our guests, Nomad Tour offers arranged transfers from these airports.
We want to make our guest feel at home and at ease as soon as they land. We can wait for you at the airport, then take you to your hotel and also arrange the return transfer. So don’t hesitate to contact us, we are there for you to help you arrange the best travel plan for coming to Montenegro and also to help you with the transfers.